Discover and Transform

The Discover and Transform program is custom designed for each person to:

  • Nurture your individual strengths

  • Help you breakdown your personal barriers to success

  • Achieve happiness through mental, emotional and physical goals

We will work collaboratively to discover the mind-body-spirit balance that you desire and develop a plan to acquire it.

How does all this happen? 

It's pretty simple really. Our busy minds and schedules often get in the way and give us excuses to stay status quo and not live the fulfilling life we really desire, because CHANGE IS HARD. By taking a step back, figuring out what our desires really are, and finding a way to incorporate new actions and behavior into our daily lives, we begin to discover that we really can live the healthy happy life we truly want. 

My program is designed to teach you how to incorporate changes in behaviour in a way that works with your lifestylein a way that works for you. You and your situation are unique so there are no cookie-cutter plans to follow. The program is also designed to give you the tools you need to continue to be successful after our time together has finished.


All sessions can be done by phone, video-conference, or in-person at Dragonflies and Amber. For more information or to get started right away, schedule a free consultation.

My clients with the most successful results have between 10 - 12 sessions with me. I have found that up-front payment for a 12-week program is limiting the number of people I can help, so I've recently modified payment structure.  If I have not worked with you in a coaching program in the last months, I request a commitment to three sessions up front.

Basic program

Best results for those who:

  • Have a clear mind about a single goal

  • Are absolutely ready, willing, and able to commit to the goal now

  • Are great self-motivators and do not need contact between sessions

If you are new to working with me:

  • One 90-minute Discovery Session

  • Two additional 45-minute coaching sessions

  • Option to add additional coaching sessions as needed

  • Option to upgrade to Enhanced Program


Enhanced Program

Best results for those who:

  • May have more than one goal in mind, or have unclear goals 

  • May or may not be fully ready to commit to each goal presently

  • Have tried and failed to reach goals before but don't know why

If you are new to working with me:

  • One 90-minute Discovery Session

  • Three additional 45-minute coaching sessions (total of 4 calls/mo)

  • Option to add additional coaching sessions as needed

  • Email & text support between calls


Have Questions? 

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